Auto Repair in Lawndale

The expert mechanics at Tune Dynamics conduct bumper to bumper auto repair for all makes and models of import and domestic vehicles. Our modern service center is equipped with the latest computer-aided diagnostic and repair tools, ensuring the highest standards of auto repair are met. The superior service you receive at our shop will always include friendly auto technicians who provide honest advice about issues with your car or truck. Whatever service we provide, from tune-ups to engine repair, rest assured it will get done right the first time. Give our team a call today to make an appointment for auto repair in Lawndale.

Electrical Repair
Steering Repair
Shocks, Struts & Suspension
Radiator Repair
Alternator Replacement
Battery Services
Starter Replacement
Ignition Repair
Fuel System Repair
Differential Services
Exhaust Repair
Emissions Repair

Transmission Repair & Engine Repair

The transmission and engine in your car or truck act as the vehicle's brain and heart. They are very integral to correct operation and require routine maintenance. Our technicians have the know-how and equipment necessary to repair any problem these complicated pieces of machinery may suffer from. Engine repair and transmission repair may be necessary due to high mileage wear and tear or neglect of service.

Check Engine Light Services

The check engine light is all too often neglected by drivers when it turns on because of fear or assuming the car will fix itself! Well, it won't, but don't worry. In all likelihood, the issue is likely pretty small. Check engine light problems often mean a sensor is malfunctioning, resulting in decreased performance and poor fuel efficiency. The repairs are usually quick, inexpensive and are definitely necessary for optimal MPGs and performance.

Brake Repair in Lawndale

Your vehicle's braking system is the best safety feature it has. It is crucial to pay attention for any signs of brake problems, such as grinding noises or a soft brake pedal, so that you can come to see us before complete failure or an accident occurs!

No matter what service you need for your car Tune Dynamics can provide it! Give us a call at (424) 358-3048 to make an appointment for expert auto repair in Lawndale, Hermosa Beach or the surrounding South Bay communities. Our team looks forward to keeping you on the road for many more miles!